The Evolution of a School

When Eagle Peak Montessori School welcomed the first 60 lower elementary students to class in September 2001 it was thanks to the vision, hard work and dedication led by a small group of parents who didn’t want their children’s Montessori experience to end at kindergarten. Starting from the ground up, this group brought together the expertise of educators, district personnel and consultants to craft the Charter that was approved by a unanimous vote of the MDUSD Board.

Thanks to the generosity of the members of Holy Cross Lutheran Church in Concord, we were able to lease space at the church, and so began our rich history and a legacy of providing quality Montessori public education to children, giving them the foundation on which to build a lifetime of learning and the tools with which to forge their future.

Just three years later in August of 2004, Eagle Peak moved to our current facility which was formerly the site of Castle Rock Elementary. In short order, our campus grew to accommodate students from 1st through 5th year. Due to size constraints in 2005, the 6th year program was discontinued. Then in 2013 we were able to add the a 6th year program and, in 2014, finally realized the dream to offer two more grades to support our adolescent program, becoming a complete elementary school.

Every year there are over 100 people on the waiting list, eager to join our community. This is a testament to the reputation we have built and the quality of education and enrichment we provide. It drives our desire to continue to grow with a measured and strategic focus to ensure we hold true to our Charter, and especially to the educational foundation that Dr. Maria Montessori gifted the world.

This year our student body consists of 251 students, from 1st through to our 8th year students. Our growth called for three full time teaching teams in Upper Elementary, and we have added a new lower elementary staff member, acquired new materials to bolster our writing, science and math curriculum in all grades, purchased new computers, software and classroom furniture to support our push for greater technological proficiency, and many of our staff have acquired new skills and credentials over the summer.

We also undertook a major branding exercise to allow us to modernize our look and develop new tools with which to communicate more effectively with our parents and our community. Rather than walk away from what is an iconic and dearly held concept, we chose to simply evolve our brand – holding true to our original roots while revitalizing our outward appearance. Our new website reflects this commitment to excellence – to provide a streamlined and more accessible communication platform to those we serve, and to those who wish to become part of the Eagle Peak community.

As we look ahead, we are faced with a need for new classroom spaces, improved common areas and many other needs that will allow us to meet the challenges brought on by success and continued growth. Our Board of Directors has embraced these challenges and is deep into a long-term strategic plan that will usher in a new era for Eagle Peak, and ensure that the future of our school is secure. We will continuously keep you informed about exciting changes as they become reality, and want to extend the offer to join us at our board meetings, which are open to the public.

In closing, and on behalf of all staff members, we want to thank all of you who selflessly support the educational journey of all children who attend Eagle Peak. We are so proud of the work we have done together and look forward to what is most definitely a bright and promising future.