Application Process

Application Process and Forms

Enrollment for the 2017-18 school year has now closed.

Meeting Dates for 2018-19 Enrollment    Spanish Version

Parent Meetings – Fall 2018 admission 

Enrollment procedures for the next school year start in October and culminate with the lottery early in the Spring. We anticipate 36 openings for first year lower elementary students each year. Openings at other grade levels are determined by overall enrollment numbers. (At this time, enrollment in grades 5 and above is frozen.)

Application process and requirements

Through our Prospective Parent meetings, Eagle Peak works to inform parents so they can make thoughtful decisions about the suitability of the program for their family and their commitment to the school. This is why we ask parents to attend at least one information meeting before they apply. These meetings are your opportunity to become more informed about Montessori philosophy, Eagle Peak’s mission, the details of how our school functions, and charter schools in general.

1. Attend a Prospective Parent Meeting . Pick up an application packet at the close of the meeting.
2. Observe classes in session before the lottery.
3. Submit the completed application forms in person by the published deadline. Verification of residence and date of birth are required to complete the application.*
4. If enrollment or a waiting list position is offered, submit the completed materials by the date requested.
5. If enrollment is offered to someone on the waiting list, accept or decline within three (5) business days.

*Please remember that verification of residence and date of birth is required when the application is submitted. The following items will be needed when you submit your application:

•Proof of California Residence: a photo ID plus 2 of the following: valid vehicle registration, lease or mortgage, current property tax bill, payroll stubs/checks, state of federal tax return(not business), current voter registration, other identifying communication with government agencies.
• Photo ID of parent: Current CA Drivers License, Current CA state ID card, valid passport, Consulate-issued Picture ID, Credencial Para Votar, Military ID.
• Confirmation of Child’s Date of Birth: an original birth certificate (U.S. or Foreign, passport, or armed forces dependent’s card, Religious Record, Previous School Record,Notarized Affidavit by Natural Parent).

Student Lottery

The final step in our enrollment process is the yearly public drawing to select incoming students and to form a waiting list. This lottery is the only way to get on the Eagle Peak waiting list.

Drawing Preferences

State law requires that a random public drawing or lottery be held to order applicants whenever there are more applicants than spaces available. In the case of a lottery, preference shall be extended to pupils according to the following categories which are listed below in order of priority:
• Children of the school’s founding families (not to exceed 10% of the school’s total population)
• Siblings of students currently enrolled in the school
• Children of staff and governing board members (not to exceed 10% of the total student population)
• Remaining applications

*Preference for children of board and staff members combined shall not exceed 10% of the total student population.

Waiting List

Vacancies in the student body will be filled by applicants who have been through a drawing and have accepted a place on the waiting list.

In the event that the waiting list is exhausted and a vacancy occurs, another lottery will be held with any applications received after the deadline for the annual lottery. If the number of applicants exceeds the available space, another drawing will be held. The applicants in this drawing will fill the vacancies and form a new waiting list.

Why Eagle Peak Montessori does not serve Kindergarten

Eagle Peak Montessori has made the conscious choice to not serve students who would be considered Kindergarten age. Dr. Maria Montessori’s educational methodology was based on her extensive observations of children. These observations produced her theories about developmental planes and the appropriate age groupings for instruction.  The First Plane of development was 0-6 but grouped in Infant/Toddler and 3-6 year olds. California does not yet have free education provided for all children ages 3-6 (Pre-K/K). Therefore,  in keeping with the educational philosophy at Eagle Peak Montessori, which believes in the theories put forth by Dr. Montessori, we cannot serve either a stand alone kindergarten or a tk/k classroom. We would need to be able to serve the full component of 3, 4, and 5 year old students in one classroom.
Our hope is that California will move forward as other states have, in offering free public school education to children under the age of TK/K.