Parent and Alumni Testimonials


Alumni Testimonials

“An educational experience uniquely Montessori, Eagle Peak’s top notch faculty individually prepares their students for each and every child’s academic future with unparalleled attention to detail. In personal experience, a fifth grade Model UN program with my Eagle Peak classmates has been singularly the most valuable field trip of my academic career. Speaking at the New York City chambers of the United Nations sparked a personal passion for politics and legislative change which I now pursue in Nevada. Simply put, Eagle Peak taught me that so long as you are willing to apply yourself with an open mind, the world is ripe with happiness and success for those with the determination to pluck it for themselves. For this, and innumerable other lessons, I will be forever grateful for my Eagle Peak Montessori education.”

Cameron Hughes, Sophomore, University of Nevada

“The freedom in Eagle Peak’s curriculum allowed me to explore my interests, which set me up for success in middle school, high school, and now in college.”

Samson Mataraso, Freshman, U.C. Berkeley

“I fondly remember my first day at Eagle Peak Montessori School. I enrolled at EPMS in early October because I left my former kindergarten in favor of starting first grade. When I opened the door to my new classroom, a room-full of curious faces turned to catch a glimpse of their new classmate and greet me. While my first taste of Eagle Peak was a tad nerve-wracking, I quickly adapted to my new surroundings by making friends and getting to know my teachers. What I didn’t know that day was the profound effect Eagle Peak would have, not only on the rest of my academic life, but on molding me as a young man.

Eagle Peak set the foundation for my education and maturation to a young adult by teaching me sound work habits, ways to form balanced and healthy relationships, and most importantly, how to mindfully learn in any environment – whether that be in a classroom, at home, or in the real world. The beauty of Eagle Peak and many other Montessori schools is the emphasis on the individuals’ learning needs. Education is not about memorizing or meticulous repetition, but rather the accumulation of experiences in the classroom and outside of it that develop the whole person. At Eagle Peak, I received an education that would never have been possible had I attended a regular elementary school. Countless doorways were opened that never would have materialized had I not chosen to take the early jump from kindergarten to first grade at Eagle Peak Montessori School.”

Miguel Rodriguez, Freshman, Goucher College

Parent Testimonials

“We’ve raised three kids, and have now worked with about 10 different schools.  One of the factors I did not appreciate at the time my son was at EPMS – which is one of the true powers of charter schools – is that the administration and staff are uniquely focused and ALIGNED on the educational mission and goals.  At many other schools, there are well-intentioned teachers and administrators, but they are – sometimes blatantly – going in very different directions.  The resulting mental toll on the staff can be sizable, and I’m convinced that leads to a less than ideal experience for our kids.

At Eagle Peak, the mission is Montessori education.  That simple statement lets everyone on the staff get right down to work within a framework they all understand and agree on, and they can put their tremendous energies to use making a great environment for our kids. That power is a joy to behold. It’s a much, much better environment for the staff – more positive for them than fending off the latest fad educational trend from some centralized administrator in another town. I’ll admit I didn’t deeply understand the Montessori system at the beginning – I feel that I do now, and I’m a big advocate.  But even if you are not sure about the details of Montessori, know that EPMS is a great learning environment, primarily due to the enthusiasm and dedication of their staff, and their dedication to their work.”

Kevin Sullivan